Special A-Z Audits for Older Websites

Unfortunately not all websites are created equal. Could your business be missing out on opportunities because of issues you're not aware of?

Could your old website actually be holding your business back?

Things to consider if your website was published some time ago

As you know, your website is probably the very first thing a potential new customer will check before he decides to move forwards and engage with a you. Or not. Have any changes or improvements been performed since it was published? Are you experiencing little or no online traction, no new leads coming through?


Is it mobile-friendly? Does it use an antiquated content management system (CMS) which doesn't allow you to integrate solid SEO practices? Has it simply got out of date? If you don't look after it, it can be harder for your potential customers to find you. And when you're not visible to your customers, you run the risk of them going to your competitors. 

What do we check?

User experience

We analyse your organisation's website and its eCommerce system (if applicable) in great detail, noting how a first-time visitor experiences your website – referencing its loading speed on different devices, its ease of navigation and its all-important Call To Action...


Systems & Security

A diagnostic look "under the bonnet" of your site's coding, the size of your site, its performance and overall responsiveness — is it at all mobile-friendly? —  the quality of its web hosting environment and site's own security situation in order to protect it against interferance.


What happens next

We talk

We'll arrange a time to talk: a comprehensive discussion with a view to reviewing your business's website goals, its visual design, page layout and SEO requirements, competitor reviews and a summary of how you would like to improve your website performance going forwards.


Your report

A comprehensive analysis of your company's most important digital asset. Includes SEO overview, CMS report, web design recommendations, site architecture observations, 404's (Page Not Found) and other technical reviews. All the positives. And the negatives too.


A comprehensive Website Audit costs jhust £295* + vat

Call 07946 253268 or complete this form

*Deducted from any work you engage us to do after the audit

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