New tablet and smart phone friendly Lambeth Mencap website goes LIVE in London!

Back in 2011 we published LAMBETH MENCAP’S  first CMS website. Now we’ve just published their 2nd!

That first site was a HUGE success, helping the Lambeth Mencap staff to keep everyone up to date with events and happenings in their community. Naturally we were absolutely delighted to be asked to upgrade their existing website to display beautifully on all sorts of different sized devices.

Responsive web design

More about responsive websitesEveryone’s on the web these days. You know it. Ans many of them use mobile devices made by Apple, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Samsung etc to reserach or visit their favourite sites. Hundreds of thousands of people use iPads and iPad Minis and all sorts of Androids (plus many other kinds of touchscreen tablets like Google Nexus, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab and Note, Hudl, Lenovo, Sony Xperia etc) to browse the web.

Thanks to the Google analytics visitor tracking code we installed on Lambeth Mencap’s old site, we could see clearly that many more people were visiting the site on this kind of mobile device. We could also see which pages they visited and how long they stayed on the site. And their location of course.

About the new website

This new website detects the kind of browser being used and automatically re-sizes itself to match the device’s screen dimension or resolution.

NB This website looks terrific on widescreen desktop monitors, netbooks and laptops too. And if the server detects the website it is being visited on a smaller screen, all website’s info blocks display (stack) vertically. Very clever! This provides the website’s visitors with a far more comfortable browsing experience on smaller screen. No more pinching and scrolling to read the words. All the images resize automatically too. No need for an expensive app!

Spring-cleaning the full machine…

Although our brief was only to render the old site more accessible to people using mobile devices,  naturally we didn’t just stop there!

We upgraded everything, moving swiftly through the entire site tidying, spring-cleaning and re-arranging, re-ordering the menus and and pruning news items and adding + cross referencing page links too. Now everything is super-intuitive, well organised and very easy to use.

New Webhosting and WordPress migration

This website has always been self-hosted by Lambeth Mencap’s own 3rd party suppliers. At the client’s request we also migrated the site away from the old server it had outgrown and re-installed it on a faster, future-proof server also chosen by the client = Result!


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