Local Organic Search Engine Optimisation

If your business has a physical location, or serves a specific geographic area, you can take full advantage of our local SEO "organic" services so that you can become more visible to local people who need your help

What is Local Organic SEO?


It's all about visibility online

The term organic SEO or organic search engine optimisation refers to the organic methods and "right practice" strategies we use to obtain high LOCAL search rankings for your business in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Local organic SEO is all about increasing your search (engine) visibility when your business serves its customers face-to-face as opposed to being exclusively online.

You might run a bricks-and-mortar business with a physical location in town like a new vegetarian restaurant, a coffee shop or a beauty salon for example. Or maybe you provide a service in a certain geographic area like a plumber, a builder, a cleaning company, a landscape gardener, an engineer...

Does your business stand out?

When you make your products and services available to customers in your local area, the number one thing that you need as a business owner is to be visible to these customers. If people can’t find your business when they’re searching for help, they won’t be able to purchase your products or services! Think of it like you’re opening a retail premises in your local town or city. If you open up the premises on the High Street, you have good visibility, lots of footfall, and people will find you. Whereas if you open up on a smaller side street, with much less or even no no passing traffic, no-one will see you and you’ll struggle to generate sales.

When someone uses a search engine like Google, the search engine serves up the results that it feels are most relevant for the search query. The more you can do to help the search engine feel that your website is more relevant than say one of your competitor's, the more visible your business will be upon the search result page. You've seen it yourself: when you search for a local business, you'll usually be presented with a map and three businesses at the top of the page, with further details and reviews for each. If you want maximum visibility, it should be your business to have your brand appear right there!

For the majority of businesses who are reading this, your local area will be very important to you in terms of sales and new business. Visibility in your local area can mean the difference between “sort of OK” and “REALLY AMAZING” sales.

When your business has got solid Local SEO put into place, you’ll be more visible to customers in your local area. This means more visitors to your website, more phone calls, more enquiries, more physical visit and ultimately more revenue. You're effectively gifting your business with an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

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