Is your web design mobile-friendly?

Is your website really mobile-friendly?

Wherever you go... nearly everybody's got a smartphone in their hand!

A while back Google released this particular algorithm update with the intent of making it simpler for MOBILE USERS to find content which is formatted for their device. This change went into effect for all devices, in all languages, all around the world. Even with it being in full swing, there are still a number of questions out there regarding how it works, among other things. Here you can find out all the answers to those questions you may have and make a sound plan to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

What is the mobile update by Google and whom did it affect?

The mobile update affected any website that Google considers to be non-mobile-friendly. This could include old fixed-width websites and websites built using Flash technology for example. Those that have already created a mobile friendly site will receive a boost in the search engine rankings, making their sites easier to use and more visible to mobile searchers by default.

How do you know if you have a mobile friendly site?


Google provides this wonderful FREE mobile friendly testing tool you can use to let you know if your site is able to pass the test


Did this update come out of the blue?

Definitely not, the first mobile update by Google was released in 2013, but this covered core issues that related to accessing certain mobile sites. In December of 2014 Google told the public they were experimenting with a new program for creating a mobile friendly ranking algorithm. However, the fact is, Google has made statements that they will be making this type of update for years and if webmasters listened, they were fully prepared for this update.

Does the update work on a site-wide or page-by-page basis?

This particular algorithm works on a page-by-page basis. This means that if you have some pages that are and some that are not mobile friendly, you can still benefit with the pages that are.Is this a delayed or real-time algorithm?Unlike the Penguin and Panda updates, this mobile friendly algorithm is run in real time. There are some cases where the mobile friendly label will be delayed in appearing in search engine results; however Google is going to pick up on these in real time. If you make changes to your site so that it is mobile friendly, how long before Google picks up on these changes?The algorithm is in real time, but Google will still have to crawl your web pages in order to determine whether or not you have mobile friendly pages. The earliest tests show that it can take between just a few hours up to 72 hours if you have done everything properly.

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