How To Upgrade Your Company's WordPress Website Security To Gain Peace of Mind

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How to improve WordPress security

Whether you are running a simple blog or a business website, WordPress security is absolutely essential and you will have to focus on the details that will allow you to improve things for your website. There can be countless threats to your website if you are not focusing on improving the security of your website. Potential hackers can easily find loopholes in the code files to get into your website. If you want to secure your business website, then you must follow few basic WordPress security tips.

Make sure that you are using the right tools and tricks to upgrade your WordPress security. Whenever you are trying to improve the security of your WordPress website, you must take help from the useful plugins. Here are few important security tips that you must focus on while starting a business website on WordPress.

Strong Username/Password

First of all, you should always consider using a strong username and passwords when setting up WordPress. It is one of the most common errors that most of the people make when they are setting up a WordPress site. They usually go with the username ‘admin’. We strongly recommend you to create a strong username and password for your website otherwise, your website can easily be hacked. By creating a strong username and password, you can easily secure the front of your WordPress site.

Don’t download themes and plugins from unreliable sources

Another important security consideration is the usage of reliable WordPress theme and plugin. If you are downloading a free theme from an unreliable source, then you are creating problems for yourself. Make sure that you are selecting a theme and plugin which is regularly updated and supported by the developer. If you are downloading and using a theme or plugin from an unreliable source, then you are creating difficulties for yourself.

Never use 'discontinued' themes and plugins

If you like a design of a premium WordPress theme and you are not in a position to purchase that theme, then you should not use a nulled/ discontinued version of the theme. Most of the time, these nulled versions contain security loopholes and then they can be easily tempered by the potential hackers. If you are trying to avoid security threats to your website, then you should never use nulled themes or plugins. It is one of the most important things that you will have to consider so you can avoid all the problems that you are facing.

Use an 'industry standard' Security plugin

Whether it is a general blog or a business website, you must always focus on improving the overall security of your WordPress website. To improve the security of your WordPress website, you should consider scheduled security scans with the help of an excellent security plugin. If you are using an excellent WordPress security plugin, then you will be able to improve things for yourself. It is one of the most important things that you need to focus on so you can easily secure your WordPress website. There are tons of security plugins out there and you can use plugins like Sucuri Security and Wordfence.

Security guarantee from hosting service

Your web hosting provider can also play an important role in securing your WordPress site. Make sure that you are selecting the right WordPress web hosting service so you can avoid all the security problems. Most of the web hosting services will offer you the protection against DDoS attacks and you can get the guaranteed service from them. Make sure that the hosting service provider is also offering you regular backups so you don’t have to face any hassle later on. A good practice is to take regular backups of your WordPress site so you don’t have to depend on the hosting service.

Limit Login Attempts

Another great way to improve the security of your WordPress site is to limit the login attempts. You can easily limit the login attempts to avoid potential hacking attempts on your WordPress site. By default, WordPress allows users to log in as many times as they want. If you are limiting the login attempts, you can easily manage the security of your WordPress website. If you have enabled web application firewall, then it will take care of this and limit the login attempts.

Disabling directory indexing

Hackers can easily use the directory browsing and they have all the tricks to get into your WordPress site. Moreover, you should know that the directory browsing can be used by other people and they can look up the files on your WordPress site. You can easily take care of it by locating the .htaccess file in your website’s root directory. Once you have found the file, you can add a small line at the end of the .htaccess file:

Options – Indexes

This will allow you to disable the directory indexing and you will be able to improve the security of your WordPress website.


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