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Did you know? Nowadays around 20% of all UK purchases are made online...

It's true. And once you start exploring the ECOMMERCE concept you'll quickly understand why you're no longer tied down to serving only a "hyper local" client base. In fact, you're able to sell to potentially anyone using the internet today. Which makes expanding your reach (nationally or internationally) a truly viable option! Interested?

eCommerce websites automate online transactions by simplifying the exchange of goods, data and funds necessary for online vendors to secure, sell, and deliver their goods and services via the internet.

Making a purchase over the internet really simple, and in many cases much faster, easier, and cheaper than purchases made in high street stores. Shoppers can view a store’s entire selection, choose items, and make their purchases immediately. 

Why should even you consider adopting an eCommerce business model?

Open All Hours 

Remember 2020? Well, no matter what happens, eCommerce websites never have to close. Regardless of the external situation, your customers get the pleasure of making purchases exactly when they want to. Twenty four hours a day. Every day.

Increased Brand Awareness

Attract a wider audience with a larger range of products without having to counter-in (often astronomically expensive) overheads like renting premium floorspace or paying higher business rates. Simply amplify your revenue potential by adding eCommerce.

Digital Marketing

A major bonus of the online environment is that potential new customers can find your businesses website by searching for your products, deliberately. If your website has good search engine optimisation these internet users will find your website and purchase from you.

POWER TIP Successful vendors engage with their customers by encouraging and acting on their valuable feedback and product reviews. This helps to build customer loyalty and gives your business a competitive advantage.

People find it easier to purchase from you

Internet shoppers enjoy instant gratification, often buying on impulse. In our fast-paced world, many jump at the opportunity to make shopping even more convenient. For example, not everyone has the time to visit a high street store or shopping mall during working hours. Plus, a lot more people are working remotely from home offices nowadays. 

The desired item might even only be found in a specialised store which is located too far away to conveniently travel to. There are countless personal reasons to consider. Most people would rather make their purchase as quickly and painlessly as possible. People no longer view shopping centres as a major source of entertainment, and for many they may even be a hassle. Nowadays physical stores insist on social distancing, setting restrictions on accessibility. E-Commerce websites alleviate this pressure.

Suddenly become much more visible online

Even if you own a traditional Bricks and Mortar / High Street / Shopping Centre based business, in a local town or city, adding complimentary online portal in the shape of an e-commerce website - or by adding eCommerce functionality to your existing website - can help customers learn more about your brand and products. This gives you the opportunity to convince them of your relevance and stay in their mind.

Zero geographical limitations

An eCommerce website does NOT restrict you to trading from a single location

Nope! Your new eCommerce website install can be accessed globally ie by the entire internet, broadening your scope of potential customers and making international business a viable option!

With drop-shipping you can even manage your business and fulfil sales remotely - without any physical premises (like warehouse facilities) at all.

You can actually advertise, display, promote, and complete transactions from any internet-accessible location of your choice.

In your own time. Whenever you like.

Next-Gen eCommerce: online training, virtual workshops, digital downloads...

New technologies like WooCommerce, Kajabi, Shopify and LearnDash have made online shopping more convenient and more enjoyable than ever before. Customers can easily purchase anything online (items, products, services, training, digital downloads...) using their favourite device, without ever having to travel to a brick and mortar shop or store.

Smart devices and wi-fi connectivity have taken things up to a whole new level, enabling shoppers to make purchases whether they're at home, at work or in transit — at any time of the night or day


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QUESTION What's best to start with PayPal or Stripe?

If your eCommerce system supports multiple payment gateways we recommend using both simultaeneously. Why? Because people have their own preferences on how they want to pay, so you want your customers to have as many payment options as possible.

Stripe is a fully-integrated payment system. While it might be a tad more complicated to setup at the start, we've found that once this is done it tends to run quite happily in the background from there on in. Plus your customers get a lot more payment options (like subscriptions for example) via Stripe.

Pick PayPal is the best all-round simple and easy solution for startups and beyond. If you just need to capture payments without providing any extra bells and whistles you can’t go wrong. It's used pretty much everywhere on the internet so customers are very familiar with it already.  They won't have any qualms about paying you straight away. Paypal transaction (commission) rates can be a bit steep however. Whereas Stripe is really quite reasonable. Maybe start off with PayPal then migrate over to Stripe later on? Now there's an idea!

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