How to choose the right WordPress theme for your website

WordPress Training: How to choose the best new theme for your WordPress website

Once you have selected the perfect web hosting service for your WordPress site, you will have to move on to choose the best theme for your project. Selecting the perfect WordPress theme doesn't have to be a difficult task.


There are various important factors to consider beforehand. Whether you are creating a business website or starting an online store, you should always check out the features of your theme in detail before making your final decision.Work out your minimum requirements. If it's a hobby site you're working on, explore the WordPress theme repository to find a free theme. If you want to create a business site, then you should consider a premium WordPress theme instead. Let's have a look at how you can choose a WordPress theme and what features you should look for.

Know your requirements

Before you go on to choose a WordPress theme for your upcoming web project, you should at least be aware of your basic requirements. If you are starting a blog, then you will have to look for the best blogging theme available out there. Moreover, if you are starting a simple blog, then I recommend you to use a free WordPress theme from a respected (free) theme developer - check the ratings first. Take a browse rowse through the WordPress theme directory for inspiration.


If you are starting an online store using WordPress, then you can check out the premium themes available in the market and select the reliable premium WordPress theme for your online store. ENVATO'S Theme Forest is a very good resource. NB Many premium themes try hard to be a one-size-fits-all "supertheme" with tons of features you may never require. Be aware of this when choosing your theme. Extra features mean extra code which can BLOAT a theme. You don't want that!

What features do you require?

You should have a list of features that you wish to have in your WordPress theme. If you are not sure about the features you required, then you will have to do some R&D. Remember that Less is often better than More. Pay close attention to the list of the features provided. Will you really need all that stuff? How long will it take you to learn how to use those advanced features? Will they make a big difference to your bottom line? Once you have a complete list of features and you are ready to do your research, you can then move on to the technical stuff.

Does the theme design match your sector?

One of the most important things that you need to focus on is the design of the theme. Make sure that you are selecting the perfect design for your website. Make sure that the design of the theme is in accordance with your selected niche. You can do your research and select the theme with the right design. If you are a lawyer, don't choose a pet shop theme. And vice versa. You'll only alienate your audience.


Fast loading speed

Always look for the theme that has a (reported) fast loading speed. Theme code matters a lot and the selected theme will play an important role in the loading speed of your website. Exploring your options. If you are getting a fast loading score from a specific WordPress theme you really like the look of, you're good to go.

Look for excellent reviews / ratings

The next thing that you will have to focus on is the the reviews and ratings from the existing or previous buyers / users. Watch out for reports of bugs, glitches and known errors in your theme. Reading online reviews about a certain product is one of the best ways to select a specific product. It works for Amazon.

Does it get regular updates?

Always select a theme which is regularly updated by the theme developers. If the theme is not updated regularly, it's a security risk and you can't rely on it at all.

Always select a responsive theme

After Google's mobile-first approach, you cannot ignore the responsiveness of a WordPress theme. Your customers all use different kinds of devices to browse the web. Not everyone owns the latest iPhone. Find a mobile-friendly WordPress theme which displays beautifully on all smartphones, tablets, desktops, the lot. Highly responsive themes work on all kinds of different devices, so you never suffer from lower conversions and big bounce rates.

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